The Law of Stability is taking an important step forward, with the approval of the Senate Budget Committee, the new "tax wedge", clipped on medium and low incomes. But the clash between Italy and the strength of the center-right New Angelino Alfano is right in this law the first opportunity to move from the political to the parliament.

Senators "forzisti" after a day full of controversy with the former party comrades, have announced the "no" to the law of stability, which will be fired from the Budget Committee between Sunday night and Monday morning. After a series of meetings between the government, the speakers Giorgio Santini (Pd) and Antonio D'Al (Ncd), and the members of the majority, found an agreement on the tax wedge and home. The first chapter is focused to an amendment of the Democratic Party, before signing Rita Ghedini, which in fact was approved by the Budget Committee.

On taxes on the house, however, you are still working for a filing technique, again starting with amendments already introduced by Senators. Novelty also possible for the funds for the construction of new stadiums: you go to un'emendamento light, no concessions for housing .. The solution for the new IMU, the Tari, has announced the Under Secretary John Legnini, it will be set to the deductions, which are yet to be determined. However, there will be a deduction on the principal residence (for the IMU was 200 euro), and others to meet family (was 50 € per child).

 With this mechanism

who had not paid the IMU in 2012 will continue to be exempt, while all others will pay less: at least so ensures Legnini. Meanwhile, the new wedge defined: the resources made available by the government (5 billion over 3 years, of which 1.6 in 2014) were not increased, disappointing us in the aspettativi of majority parties. Friday the government had made an opening to come back today. We therefore decided to concentrate deductions in favor of medium and low incomes, between 8,000 and 35,000.

more substantial benefits them have incomes between 15,000 and 20,000 Euros, with deductions of more than 200 euro a year. "It was the logic on which we moved - said Rita Ghedini - and this give more to those who have less." But this novelty to it as opposed to another in the opposite direction, that is to say "no" to maneuver on the part of Forza Italy, for now announced abstention on the amendments of the government and the speakers in the Budget Committee, and for the regulation of Senate equivalent to "no". After a day of violent words against the senators of Ncd, those of Forza Italy have also announced their no to maneuver.

 The parent company in

Budget Committee, Cynthia Bonfrisco, has placed an ultimatum: either be approved all the amendments of Forza Italy (no increase in the tax area, tax wedge for the self-employed, increased limitations on the use cash from 1,000 to 5,000 euro, other 135 million for private schools and the norm on the beaches) or Senators to vote against Berlusconi. "It 'a right of the government - said Bonfrisco - placing the trust, but a right of the parliamentary groups that do not want to become accomplices to vote against this bill."

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